3 Poker Myths That People Discuss In 2020

Poker is an intriguing game enjoyed by many and over the years has had its fair share of controversies, myths, and misconceptions. Owing to that its a game where some players will have losses. Many, often don’t see this as their fault. And will often result in spreading rumors and accusations such as the RNG is tampered, or there are poker bots on the site, amongst others. While in reality, the reasons for their loss is the lack of proficient poker skills.

It is often believed that learning poker rules, brushing on gambling theories, and other topics are all it takes to start winning. In retrospect, that is not quite the case. Use websites like spillselskaper.eu to find the best Norwegian casinos for card gaming.

Here are the top 3 myths that people still discuss in 2020.

1. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is Tempered

Toping the list as one of the most prevalent casino myths shared by not only new players but also seasoned ones. RNG tampering has been a myth with years in the making. It is human nature to take defeating our opponents for granted, but get so upset and distressed when we suffer a loss. More times than not we have the tendency of pondering on bad situations altogether superseding positive ones. Thus generating prejudice against games which we have incurred losses. Worth noting is that veteran players don’t sulk over their incurred losses, instead, they figure out their next moves.

Moreover, tampering with the Random Number Generator (RNG) is not possible. Why? Because RNG’s have their authenticity proven to licensing bodies. Poker rooms additionally offer fair play. In card dealing the randomness depends on processor functions. And profits primarily come from rakes where it draws a significantly small amount from each hand.

2. Poker Requires Phenomenal Proficiency in Maths

It is undeniable that when playing poker quick card counting can turn the tides. That said, this is not all there is to poker. To win a match, you don’t have to be a math whiz or compute numbers in a flash. Some professionals even reason that dwelling on number crunching too much during the game may cost you a win.

On the flip side, in history, there have been some instances where phenomenal mathematicians successfully applied their skills and walked away with a win. But in most cases winning generally depends on one’s ability to read opponents, and call bluffs.

3. Downstreaks after Initiating Withdrawals

It is often believed that as soon as players initiate withdrawals, they stand the risk of facing a down streak. Allegedly, poker rooms don’t take well the fact of customers withdrawing funds from their accounts, so they fabricate down streaks as a deterrence.

Most people, however, don’t take into consideration aspects such as psychological or dispersion effects that often result from their actions. But when things don’t work to their expectations they are quick to blame the poker room.

As a rule, players often withdraw their funds after an upstream. Poker, however, is different in that a downstream always follows a winning streak. In such scenarios, weak players often start blaming everyone but themselves for their own actions, instead of following and working on their play.